An Reworking Of The Default Setting Provided With The Game Product

braque and blank

Michelle: To be honest, he was having trouble sleeping beyond his fantastical jetlag. Though he understood that, at least in comparison to the streets or arcadia, that the clinic was a place of safety, his surroundings evoked an old discomfort in him that he couldn’t quite place the origin of.

He just… knew he had done this before, somehow. He had sat in uncomfortable chairs like what now served as his bed, feeling insecure and directionless. The knot the emotions formed almost made him want to get sick.

Not that being ill would help his situation any. He didn’t need that on top of the stress of his escape, his company, and his feelings. Not to mention, being reintroduced to the concept of clothing as an element of modesty and not as a prop for one’s identity was still a strange sensation for him.

The material of the scrubs weren’t that uncomfortable, but what it stood for was foreign enough to make him pinch, tug, and fiddle at the garment. But it at least gave him something to preoccupy his mind with.

Zazozaliad: [Braque, despite previous complaints of having to get up in the middle of the night to track down a few wayward Lost, apparently hadn’t turned in yet. This was evident in the distant clicks of his shoes on the clinic’s surprisingly immaculate tile. And occasionally, like now, he’d show up at the front desk to peer in at the odd assortment of people strewn across the waiting room. Ostensibly it was to make sure they didn’t wreck it. ]

Michelle: The sound of footsteps had become a background noise to him, so he actually did a double take as he spotted the stitched face doctor at the fount desk. –And probably jumped a little more than he should have. Yeesh, with the dim lighting that was definitely a small bit of nightmare fuel, there. Not that his sleeping company in the waiting room had much more going for them. Well, most of them, anyway.

Looking away, he rubbed at his mouth and where his nose would be a bit in embarrassment, before glancing back over.

“…Shouldn’t you be asleep?” Hi, kettle, meet pot.

Zazozaliad: [“Sure, I should. Doesn’t mean I am. Though I think, as your doctor, I should be the one advising you on your sleep schedule, eh?” Braque grinned, the stitches at the edges of his mouth stretching to accommodate the unnatural size of the expression.

..the grin quickly faded, proving it was less than comfortable for his face to contort that way, even if it very well could.]

Michelle: “My doctor?” He echoed, showing slight bemusement at the claimed professional relationship. “You’re not going to bill us once you get tired of us taking up your waiting seats, are you?”

It takes a bit of shuffling around in his seat before he settles enough to give a more direct response. “I can’t sleep.” He realizes right after that such a claim could be taken a bit too literally. “-I mean… I /can/, but…” Ah, whatever. Like he had to explain himself, anyway.

Zazozaliad: [“Look there.” Braque points to a small symbol inscribed over the door. It appears to have been carved into the wall, and rather crudely. “That right there’s Yourami’s sanctuary symbol. Means I can’t throw you all out on your ears for at least a few weeks. And it means I can’t bill you for clogging up my waiting room, either.”

At the confession of sleeplessness, Braque shrugs. “I can barely believe your pals there are sleeping so soundly myself. ..Course, if you’re asking for a sedative, I’m gonna have to refuse on account of preserving my resources.”]

Michelle: “Why not? It’s just a picture, isn’t it? And not exactly done by a skilled whittler, neither.” It was nice to know that his hunch at the clinic being a safe spot wasn’t wrong, if he wasn’t mistaken on what the definition of “sanctuary” meant.

He soured a little at the idea of sedatives. “No thanks, anyway.” Shaking his head, he took a long look-over at his sleeping company. “…You’d be surprised. Two of them slept through half of the hedge.” He didn’t even bother trying to obscure the fact that he was looking right at the book-man and rotting child as he claimed such.

Zazozaliad: [“Just a picture. Whoo.” He shakes his head, exasperated. “It’s a picture, sure. But it’s a picture backed up by a promise.”

He stops, possibly in disgust at the sheer corniness of the line he just spouted, before shaking it off.]

Michelle: The corner of his mouth tugs a little in amusement for just a second. Both at the campy line and at the doctor’s reaction towards his own words. It did make the faceless insomniac wonder, though, and after a little bit of pretending that the hard, tiled floor beneath them was fascinating, he asked, “Why? … Why are you going out of your way to help?” Catching that such a question wasn’t void of offensiveness, he quickly waves a hand reassuringly. “Not that I make it a hobby to look a gift-horse in the mouth, or anything. I just don’t understand.”

Zazozaliad: [Braque’s lack-of-eyebrows raise at the question, and he chuckles. It’s not a pleasant sound. “We-eeeell. Consider that your good pal Braque COULD just be a genuinely nice guy.”

..yeah, that’s definitely not the real story.]

Michelle: “…” He felt around his makeshift bed a little before retrieving the aviator shades he had salvaged during the escape from the hedge, putting them on, despite it being night. “So you’re doing this just because you’re an idiot, Doc? Last I checked, sticking your neck out for people just got it chopped off.” Or in a more literal way, got one dragged into the hedge. “But what do I know, right?”

Zazozaliad: [..Braque is not amused by your bravado, pal. This is apparent in the fact that his casual leaning against the counter has turned tense, and that he’s now scowling. Guess who’s got a flat 1 in composure. “What indeed. Promises, ken doll. You’ll find everyone’s got a few they have to honor.”

…dammit, he’s left scratches in the wood of the counter gripping it. He just got it refurbished a few months ago, too.]

Michelle: With a hand he shifted the pair of shades downwards so that, if he had the proper features, he would be peering out from under the glasses. For a bit, he merely watched Doctor Braque’s reaction, before taking the glasses off fully-only to change his mind and quickly slid them back on, laying his head onto the back of his seat as he held them in place.

“Whatever, Doc. Just don’t get yourself splinters you can’t pull out.”

Zazozaliad: [“Tch.” And with that, the good doctor takes his leave at a furiously brisk pace, flicking off the only light as he goes.]

lee and feriena

Angelis Black: While they figure stuff out, might I ask, what is necessary for joining the court? Also, I am excited about going on missions or hits against specific targets. * she said, not even bothering to hold back her excitement at the thought of getting back at the Fey that abducted her and changed her… *

Zazozaliad: [Lee leans forward in their cruddy armchair, the seat creaking from the movement. They steeple their hands together and rest their chin atop their hands, staring at you.

“Thunder’s court is not easy to join, you understand. …there are some Lost, who…well, are lost to us, unable to survive the trials. I believe you’ll be fine, but…” Lee trails off.

“I can’t share many of our secrets before you’re indoctrinated, you understand. That includes the details of any..activities.”]

Angelis Black: * she nods * I understand perfectly. Its like my old gang. You need to be initiated first before you’re a real member. Markings, ink… I understand all too well. * her voice grows harsher. Wrath was not her vice, but the sense of bloodlust that washed over her from the thought of revenge was. * Can you promise me that I’ll be able to get back at them? Can I make them all pay… every last fucking one of them?

Zazozaliad: [Something flickers in Lee’s eyes at her display of bloodlust, like a shooting star across a black sky. They smile widely, showing off translucent teeth. “Markings, yes. We call it the Mantle. And as for the Fae…”

Lee leans back, and glances at the other bickering occupants of the room. They’re all utterly unaware of this conversation, and they see that, and look pleased. They turn back to you.

“Some enemies are closer than the Hedge. We often have to deal with those to get to the real foe, but -”

“..we will. Together. They will suffer, and they will writhe.”]

Angelis Black: * grins * Perfect~ Just perfect. I look forward to a very long and /satisfying/ relationship with the Summer Court, starting as soon as possible. * she said with a low and very frightening chuckle * Your foes, are my foes, and are they in for some trouble now. * Her mind at this point is not even filled with words. Her thoughts are instead images. Blood red flowing down like a river from her claws and the same sense of satisfaction a drug addict might get just before a hit. *

Zazozaliad: [Lee extends a hand to shake, face clouded with an expression nearly as dark as their eyes. “Splendid. Then, Feriana, welcome to The Court of Wrath and Thunder.”

If she takes the hand, she’ll feel an odd jolt – likely just her high energy, or imagined entirely.]

Angelis Black: * extends her paw and shakes Lee’s hand, feeling the jolt and letting out a soft moan. Her shake firm, not overly tight, not loose. A grin on her face all the while. * Thank you. I’m happy to join. * she said. She the sense of belonging to a group once more, a gang… she knows where she fits in now, and what the order is. Her goal, not aimless destruction, but now she was an aimed gun. Their aimed gun. If they pull the trigger, she will kill for them. *

Zazozaliad: Add Summer to your court affiliation. 8)

anyway, that hand shake there put a pledge on you that basically temporarily made you a vassal of grandfather thunder (for a week.) this basically means you’re in a very light form of alliance with the summer court until they formally induct you – you’re a member, but this is your trial run. lee here is vouching for you.

direct stats for the pledge are:
Task: Alliance -1
Boon: Vassalage +3
Sanction: Banishment -3
Duration +1: Week

evan's intro

[The Thorns are painful to travel through, but they’re a comforting sort of painful – you’re getting Away, and that’s better than where you were. The emptiness has been replaced by a vibrant, emerald green, green that twists and makes you tumble -

And you keep tumbling. The rich green gives way to a calm blue, and then everything blurs as you splash into the water.]
[1:19:39 AM] Jon: ((OTL I am completely lost. Also, are people thing this in first or third person?))
[1:20:54 AM] Zazozaliad: I type with you’s because I’m the dm. everyone tends to use names instead of i’s otherwise though.
[1:21:07 AM] Jon: A’ight
[1:21:31 AM] Jon: Still completely lost for this. Maybe I should read that log first. >.>
[1:22:15 AM] Zazozaliad: You just fell in some water.
[1:22:26 AM] Zazozaliad: ..sorry, should I use less vague description? |D
[1:22:37 AM] Jon: Pfft, I understand the context
[1:22:46 AM] Jon: I just don’t know where I should go from there
[1:22:53 AM] Jon: Like
[1:22:57 AM] Jon: How much control I have
[1:23:03 AM] Zazozaliad: try and do anything.
[1:23:10 AM] Zazozaliad: it’s like roleplaying.
[1:23:14 AM] Jon: Too used to D&D
[1:23:34 AM] Jon: Like, would I say Evan looks around, and you say what I would see?
[1:23:40 AM] Zazozaliad: think of it as roleplay with some dicerolls rather than DnD with more roleplay.
[1:24:10 AM] Zazozaliad: in very basic terms, yes.
[1:25:00 AM] Jon: Well then, rusty, but here goes nothing~
[1:27:34 AM] Jon: knuckle crack
[1:29:19 AM] Jon: “Whargarblev!” Evan exclaimed incoherently as he flailed about in the water, surprised that he now found himself near drowning instead of clawing his way through thorns and brush.
[1:31:27 AM] Jon: Swimming had never been his strong point. He much preferred land over water. It wasn’t a constant struggle to simply be able to breathe, and he never had to worry about what was below him, only above and around. Also, guns worked much better out of water.
[1:31:44 AM] Zazozaliad: just say when you’re done =)
[1:31:58 AM] Jon: ‘Kay~
[1:32:05 AM] Jon: Internet glitched out for a minute there
[1:34:17 AM] Jon: After a moments struggle, Evan managed to steady himself in his new aquatic environment. Did he make it out? Everything felt…different. Besides, the water back…’there’ was long gone, even since that monstrosity removed it from existence.
No longer drowning, he looked around, eyes darting wildly accross the water.
[1:34:21 AM] Jon: (Done~)
[1:42:41 AM | Edited 1:42:59 AM] Zazozaliad: [..hilariously, he landed next to land. Sort of land. There’s a boat ramp made of concrete right next to him, devoid of any boats thankfully.

It’s a bright day as the sun pridefully sits at the peak of the sky, the white sand nearly blinding for its hubris. Next to the boat ramp is a rotting dock, also empty, its brown wood nearly green from age.

In the distance you can hear the plaintive cries of the gulls.]
[1:42:48 AM] Zazozaliad: done.
[1:45:42 AM] Zazozaliad: pretentious enuff
[1:45:54 AM] Jon: Aw yeah
[1:47:38 AM] Jon: Evan grabbed onto the boat ramp, crawling up it slowly and cautiously. Did it follow him? He didn’t dare call out to see if anyone was around, just in case it had. He continued crawling as his maddened eyes scanned the area until he reached the dock, where he stood up.
[1:47:41 AM] Jon: Done
[1:51:25 AM] Zazozaliad: [What is that incessant noise, this dripping?! ..oh, it’s you. The sun is quickly drying you, but the salt will cling to your clothes and for now you’ll have to put up with the annoying sound.

From the view of the dock, you can see the squabbling gulls, arguing over what looks like a scrap of – something disgusting. Nearer by, in a blue swimsuit and covered in sunscreen, is a small child staring at you.

“Are you a sea monster…?” she asks.]
[1:52:44 AM] Jon: ((How much control do I have over a situation? Like, could I say that I look up to see the child’s parents?))
[1:53:47 AM] Zazozaliad: You basically explore the world and take action upon it, but any details within the world are under my control – I AM the world.
[1:54:07 AM] Zazozaliad: a bit like DnD.
[1:54:20 AM] Jon: ‘Cause I have a bit of an idea, eheh
[1:54:23 AM] Jon: Anyways
[1:59:26 AM] Jon: Even nearly burst out into laughter upon hearing the child’s question. “Monster? Ha! ehahaha!” he staggered toward the child. “You don’t /know/ what a monster is. Have you even been chased to the point of insanity?”
His voice was raising, inching its way to a roar. He didn’t care, this child knew nothing of what a real monster was. She could never understand unless he made her. “Monsters are everywhere and YOU don’t even know it. You want to see a monster? I’ll show you a monster!”
[1:59:45 AM] Zazozaliad: oh dear.
[2:02:12 AM] Jon: Oh yeah, done
[2:06:41 AM] Zazozaliad: [The little girl stares at you with eyes the size of dinner plates.

Her lip begins to tremble.

The wails begins.

Congrats, your first action out of the hedge has been to make a little girl cry.]
[2:06:45 AM] Zazozaliad: done.
[2:09:33 AM] Zazozaliad: [The child seems to warp and waver before you, a strange energy collecting around her – one that seems…delectable. It’s a part of her, but not – it seems to be escaping her into the air around, coalescing into a beautiful bubble that slowly floats toward you. The child doesn’t seem to notice it.]
[2:19:37 AM] Jon: Evan cut off, raising an eyebrow at the bubble, then backing away slowly. It kept approaching, so he poked it. Pop. He felt slightly more…powerful? Not quite the right word, but it would suffice.
[2:21:15 AM] Jon: However, that had no real effect to calm his rage. He looked back at the little girl. He snarled, the pushed he down into the sand, screaming at her. “Monsters exist, and I’M ONE OF THEM
[2:21:33 AM] Jon: Done
[2:41:26 AM] Zazozaliad: [Predictably, the kid calls for her mommee and daddee.

Predictably, they show up.

Far less predictably, the father growls at you with an inhuman fury and turns into what could only be described as a w…. a wo…


..a werewolf.]
[2:44:54 AM] Jon: “…Shit.” Evan’s eyes widened. “Fuck.” He backed away from them. “Bloody heeeeell…”
[2:45:10 AM] Jon: Wolf.
…Still a wolf.
[2:46:34 AM] Jon: ((You can go, if you want))
[2:48:32 AM] Jon: He backed away into the water. Wait, no, bad idea. From what he knows of canine animals, they can swim fairly well. Beside this FUCKINGHORRIDMONSTERAAAH can bite. Great. Not only does he have to worry about that thing clawing him, he can BITE.
[2:50:25 AM] Jon: So he side-stepped, circling around the werebeast. Sadly, he blocked the most direct path into the city. He could run along the beach, but it definitely could outrun him, especially since he was covered in soaking clothes that would only weight him down.
[2:50:33 AM] Jon: “Shit.” he muttered again.
[2:53:28 AM] Jon: ((I’m done, by the way))
[2:54:14 AM] Zazozaliad: [The wolfman crouches, ready to spring, mouth building a slight froth – and then it jumps. Time seems to slow.
[2:55:58 AM] Zazozaliad: Bang.

The werewolf yelps, it’s jump broken by the bullet. It lands, and looks injured, but it’s getting back up.

The child gasps, and the mother rushes to her husband’s side.]
[3:01:26 AM | Edited 3:01:48 AM] Zazozaliad: [A shadow falls over you, and you feel a heavy, clawed hand on your shoulder. Something – twists – around you, and you feel a terrible lurch in your gut. For a moment, everything goes black.

The blackout ends in a moment, and you are on the same beach as before, beside the same dock, under the same sky – several hours later. It’s evening, and everything is tinted a beautiful shade of orange.

There is a large mount of blood on the sand.]
[3:01:56 AM] Zazozaliad: Done!
[3:26:58 AM] Jon: Evan collapsed to his hands and knees, vomiting onto the sand. Not that was really anything that could be taken from his stomach other than acid, but that’s something.
He didn’t know what just happened. Did he get knocked unconcious? he couldn’t have, he was standing up (Until he fell over to vomit). But it was night time. Well, evening. Close enough.
Heaving and struggling to breath, he raised himself to one knee, resting his arms on it and his head on his arms. After taking a moment to catch his breath, Evan looked up.
[3:31:51 AM] Zazozaliad: [The orange, cloudless sky is all that’s there.

You are alone.]
[3:32:24 AM] Zazozaliad: DITCHED

session two

_ Zazozaliad: _[It’s been two days.

Two days since you escaped your bonds in a wild drive through the Thorns. The clinic isn’t the best of safehouses, but it’s certainly an

interesting one – the warped humanoids who constantly patron it have made sure of that.]

[Does anyone have dots in investigation?]

Angelis Black: I do Hollikuru: Jun does, two of them Steph: (i got two?) Angelis Black: [I have 1 dot] Gaa: i got none B’[ Michelle: negatory. Zazozaliad: [Lovely. Roll yours dots investigation + manipulation to see if you pick up anything interesting from the

clinic patron’s over the last two days.]
Angelis Black: 1,10
Zazozaliad: [If you lack dots in investigation, subtract -3 from your wits and roll that.]
[5:46:24 PM] Hollikuru: 1, 8, 8, 6
[5:46:27 PM] Michelle: (( 0 either way. I am not paying attetion.))
[5:46:32 PM] Steph: 4, 5, 10
[5:46:42 PM] Michelle: ((0 dice pool, that is? ))
[5:46:50 PM] Michelle: ((Unless I’m misunderstanding OTL))
[5:46:51 PM] Zazozaliad: Make a chance roll.
[5:46:58 PM] Zazozaliad: If you get a 10 you succeed~
[5:47:13 PM] Zazozaliad: If you get a 1 you dramatically fail and I get to have..
[5:47:15 PM] Zazozaliad: fun.
[5:47:22 PM] Steph: dun dun duuunnn
[5:47:46 PM] Banana Fo Fana: (( I’m not included, am I? Since I wasn’t here last time ;;; ))
[5:47:56 PM] Angelis Black: Oh, Matchy, just out of curiousity, I know stunts exist in Exalted, do they also exist in Changeling?
[5:48:04 PM] Zazozaliad: Stunts?
[5:48:19 PM] Zazozaliad: ((Also, Ban, I’m gonna work you in in a minute.))
[5:48:26 PM] Michelle: Unfortunately, I rolled a 2 in my chance roll. So no fun for neither of us.
[5:48:29 PM] Banana Fo Fana: (( Okay ;;; ))
[5:49:14 PM] Zazozaliad: You gonna give it a try, gaa, or did i miss your roll?
[5:49:29 PM] Gaa: I got a 10
[5:49:46 PM] Zazozaliad: Roll again, then! Unless you have a curse preventing that.
[5:50:04 PM] Gaa: 9
[5:50:15 PM] Zazozaliad: Two successes, nice!
[5:50:27 PM] Gaa: john has skillz B]
[5:50:29 PM] Michelle: ((Gaa knocked that chance roll to da moon!))
[5:57:12 PM] Zazozaliad: [None of the patrons seem especially interested in paying any of you any mind. Understandable, since most of

them are here for medical treatment and not chitchat. However, there is some chatter, enough that some of you learn things -]

[Feriena, Sydney – you pick up bits and pieces, low grumbles about the changing of seasons, poetic diatribes about how the leaves refuse

to turn, and similar analogies that you don’t quite have the other half to reference.]

[John, Jun – you both pick out a singular name often said with significance – whether in revulsion or admiration, it catches your ears.

“Grandfather Thunder.”]
[5:57:54 PM] Hollikuru: [Hmmm!]
[5:59:09 PM] Zazozaliad: [But that was yesterday, and today is not a day for rumourmongering. Another patron has appeared, but this one

is different – less assured, they truly look Lost.

Maybe this one will actually be sociable.

Ban, this is you!]
[5:59:14 PM] Zazozaliad: …not very elegant, but.
[5:59:17 PM | Edited 5:59:25 PM] Hollikuru: [Can I use Encyclopedic Knowledge to see if I recall that name from anywhere, or should I

[5:59:30 PM] Zazozaliad: try it.
[5:59:41 PM] Zazozaliad: might not get you anything good, since it’s very nebulous, but~
[5:59:56 PM] Hollikuru: [I have four points in it, so four dice?]
[6:00:06 PM] Zazozaliad: Er.
[6:00:10 PM] Zazozaliad: No, that’s the cost of the merit.
[6:00:15 PM] Hollikuru: Oh, duuuhhhh
[6:00:18 PM] Hollikuru: Whoops
[6:00:24 PM] Zazozaliad: writedownwhatyourmeritsdooooo
[6:00:39 PM] Hollikuru: hang on i got a text doc open
[6:00:43 PM] Hollikuru: ummm
[6:00:52 PM] Hollikuru: how i use knowledge
[6:00:53 PM] Zazozaliad: Okay, it’s Int + Wits.
[6:00:58 PM] Hollikuru: Ohhh
[6:00:59 PM] Zazozaliad: /checked
[6:01:16 PM] Hollikuru: /writes that down
[6:01:30 PM] Hollikuru: Six dice, then
[6:01:54 PM] Hollikuru: 3, 7, 9, 7, 6, 8
[6:02:37 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [/oh, brb]
[6:03:51 PM] Zazozaliad: [You remember a children’s book featuring a kindly old cloud. You owned a copy, once, but it was half wrecked

because you were also teething at the time.]
[6:04:08 PM] Hollikuru: Ahhh.
[6:04:15 PM] Hollikuru: /notes that down
[6:04:34 PM | Edited 6:04:36 PM] Hollikuru: Okay, so Ban’s character just appeared.
[6:05:07 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [/back!]
[6:05:18 PM] Zazozaliad: \o.
[6:05:25 PM] Angelis Black: [His main weapon should be a hammer.]
[6:05:30 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [/pffft]
[6:05:32 PM | Edited 6:05:33 PM] Hollikuru: We’ll see.
[6:05:32 PM] Angelis Black: [Get it, Ban Hammer? :b]
[6:05:37 PM] Zazozaliad: [Kekeke.]
[6:05:47 PM] Hollikuru: …oh, I thought you meant granpa thunder
[6:05:50 PM] Hollikuru: thor joke
[6:05:51 PM] Hollikuru: XD
[6:06:09 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [/well, I don’t know if mine would wield it very well XD]
[6:06:23 PM] Hollikuru: Ban, your character is the Flowering girl, yes? Makin’ sure I remember right
[6:06:27 PM] Steph: (both jokes are equally lulzy and applicable? |B)
[6:06:27 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [/yeah]
[6:06:33 PM] Hollikuru: gotcha
[6:06:34 PM] Hollikuru: :>
[6:07:08 PM] Angelis Black: [x3]
[6:18:42 PM | Edited 6:19:16 PM] Banana Fo Fana: A tall, redheaded girl of about seventeen years gingerly walked her way into the clinic

that strange doctor had told her to go to. He didn’t give her much detail, however, so she feels unsure about where she is. This place

already had several people inside. The girl hadn’t come across anybody except the doctor since she left the Hedge, so she’s decidedly

less confident than she usually is. She stays quiet, as she is unsure about how the others will react to her presence, but she doesn’t

look like she’ll attack if somebody even says one word to her.
[6:18:49 PM] Banana Fo Fana: fljksdf ;;;
[6:19:02 PM] Hollikuru: <3>[ ))
[6:26:24 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [Hitchhikers of the Galaxy? /shot]
[6:26:24 PM] Hollikuru: XDDD
[6:26:29 PM] Steph: (y)
[6:26:29 PM] Hollikuru: [[………….<33333]]><3>T ]]
[6:35:27 PM] Angelis Black: [Means he gets me to the Summer Court quicker so I’m out of his hair, ya?]
[6:35:54 PM] Zazozaliad: Hehehe.
[6:36:52 PM] Michelle: The doctor had been right. He should have gone to sleep earlier the day they had arrived. His attentiveness had

been less than stellar the past double of days because of his irregular sleeping patterns. After all, staying up until exhaustion, then

sleeping until interruption was a sure-fire way to be out of synch with the flow of the world around you.

Today was no different, though he was awake; he was still kind of in that lazy, lounge-y, morning mood. Not that he could really tell if

it was morning or not with his aviator glasses over where his eyes would be. The glasses didn’t obscure the “natural” radiance of the

girl who had just awkwardly entered, however. Her shyness somehow just making her colors more vibrant. He could only scowl a little in

distaste at the redhead, but kept his sight on her-if only to see how she’d react to the marred-faced twerp harassing her with a paper

[6:37:10 PM] Michelle: (( ALL THE SLOW. ALL OF IT. Types like syrup))
[6:37:21 PM] Hollikuru: Awwww Blank XD You so mean
[6:37:29 PM] Zazozaliad: are you sniping at the dm, blank
[6:37:34 PM] Banana Fo Fana: (( Pfff, Blank. ))
[6:37:59 PM] Michelle: (( The sky is blue, more at eleven. ))
[6:38:05 PM] Steph: (( WHAT NO WAY))
[6:38:34 PM] Banana Fo Fana: (( Well she /is/ a Fairest. sparkle sparkle blush desu [/shot] ))
[6:41:19 PM | Edited 6:41:53 PM] Hollikuru: (( /writing up Jun opinions on everybody else ))
[6:41:46 PM] Hollikuru: ((Jun is mean too ;3; ))
[6:41:47 PM] Zazozaliad: alright, when you guys are ready, i’ll rev up the plot.
[6:41:56 PM] Michelle: ((vroom vroom~)
[6:41:58 PM] Zazozaliad: so do your stuff now =>
[6:42:18 PM] Michelle: ((I think we’ve all placed ourselves in the scene, so~ =>))
[6:42:31 PM] Zazozaliad: ((mhm.))
[6:42:31 PM] Hollikuru: When Ban’s done :>
[6:42:34 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ I’m just typing now ;;; ]
[6:49:45 PM] Banana Fo Fana: The girl beamed at the boy’s smile and was quickly reassured about where she was. Before she could answer

the other man, though, a paper airplane had hit her right in the forehead. “Ow!” she yelped, not unlike a small puppy. “That hurt…”

She rubbed her forehead for a second or two before she remembered the man’s questions. She wasn’t quite comfortable with everybody in

the room, but in her opinion it was better to just focus on one person at a time, especially if the others in the room are less than

friendly. “Um… a doctor told me to come here. I don’t know where he is now, but… I /think/ I’m at the right place.”
[6:50:14 PM] Zazozaliad: adorable fairest~
[6:50:31 PM] Gaa: AND THEN JOHN FELL FOR THE DESU- i mean ))
[6:50:33 PM] Hollikuru: <33333333333> ))
[6:56:44 PM] Hollikuru: XD
[6:57:11 PM] Hollikuru: Jun is like that kid who’s outwardly polite and mature but inside HATES EVERYONE
[6:57:28 PM] Hollikuru: …me at age 14, sob
[6:57:33 PM] Steph: Syd is totally just as mature are you Jun, this is so true
[6:57:33 PM] Angelis Black: Thats me now
[6:57:41 PM] Banana Fo Fana: (( I can empathize with that POV, sob ))
[6:58:07 PM] Angelis Black: Mostly directed towards my customers, but still
[6:58:12 PM] Hollikuru: I’m trying to grow out of that attitude XD It ain’t fun and it ain’t helpful

[7:00:14 PM] Gaa:

John cast a sigh-filled look Syd’s way, but didn’t scold the kid at all. He was more fussing over the grumbling and frustratio mounting. Maybe it was because he was still wearing the nurse scrubs that he felt compelled to do something about it, but…

“Ah, you ran in to him then, Brasque, I mean. Do you know where he was, miss?” Pause. “I’m John Hancock- this is Syd. Several of us here are new, so welcome!”

[7:00:38 PM] Hollikuru: [[…was his name Braque or Brasque]]
[7:00:38 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ LMFAO JOHN HANCOCK ]
[7:00:44 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ Braque. ]
[7:00:52 PM] Gaa: ten seconds until he starts trying to fix people ))
[7:00:54 PM] Hollikuru: Ah, alright, I got confused briefly XD
[7:01:14 PM] Gaa: hey i like adding s’s where they dont belong >U ))

[7:01:36 PM] Steph:

Sydney hid a snicker behind his hands when the paper airplane made contact with the new girl’s forehead. He caught Jun’s look of disapproval (missing John’s in the process), and responded to Jun by sticking his tongue out at him mockingly. When John introduced him, he turned to look at the new girl with his tongue back in his mouth, and gave a half hearted wave of acknowledgement.

[7:01:39 PM] Steph: (( MORE S’S))
[7:02:05 PM] Hollikuru: [[ Syd you are such a brat it’s hilarious <3><3>:[
[8:49:52 PM] Hollikuru: if he’s john, and he’s team dad
[8:49:53 PM] Hollikuru: he’s papa john
[8:49:59 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ LMFAO ]
[8:50:03 PM] Michelle: ((delicious))
[8:50:06 PM] Steph: ((BEST. THING. EVER.))
[8:50:10 PM] Angelis Black: [Coincidence, we just ordered pizza from there]
[8:50:13 PM] Steph: (( SYD WILL NOW BEHAVE FOREVER.))

[8:51:04 PM] Michelle: He smirks a little, tipping his glasses so they hung off the edge of his ears as he held them. “…And the kid proves my point unwittingly~.” He says, more as another one of his side-comments, before adjusting accessory so it was fully back on,

[8:51:45 PM | Edited 8:56:10 PM] Zazozaliad: [Helen – “Well, then why don’t you just scurry to find him now? Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.” Their thin fingers tap the chair’s armrest with each tick or tock, looking increasingly impatient.]

[Jun – “Testy, aren’t we!” They’re grinning at you, Jun. They think your frustration is funny…nigh, hilarious.]

[Sydney, Blank – At first the bulb looks vaguely offended, but doesn’t get a chance to respond before Blank and Syd start lobbing

insults back and forth. They seem to be enjoying listening to their banter, before John ends the verbal tussle.]

[Feriena – “We have /urgent/ business. He contacted me a day ago, and I’m here to continue our…talk.”]

[8:54:45 PM] Steph:

Sydney opened his mouth to probably lash out at Blank again (not that one could see it what with the sweater), but was quickly silenced by John’s disapproval, to whom he looked with confusion and indignance after lowering his sweater. “Ground me? How do you ground me when we don’t live anywhere?!” It was an honest question really, though he relented in ending the argument. The sooner they left to find the doctor, the sooner it would be gone at least.

[8:59:06 PM] Banana Fo Fana:
Helen leered at the the glowing person the same way she had mentally leered at the argument before. She made it a point not to associate herself with unpleasant people like them, so she didn’t even respond to his comment. The girl got up from her chair and moved closer to John. The man was still the one she was most comfortable speaking with, despite his previous outburst. Helen felt that she wasn’t acting childish enough for his scolding to apply to herself.

“Where do you think we should start looking, Mister Hancock?”
[8:59:18 PM] Angelis Black: [I’m being called to dinner, be back in a little bit]
[8:59:25 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ kk! ]
[8:59:39 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ And sob, these Fairests =w=;; ]
[9:00:04 PM] Zazozaliad: (spoiler: lightbulb’s a fairest. FAIRESTS IN GENERAL..)
[9:00:21 PM] Steph: ((DERN FAIRESTS))
[9:00:44 PM] Banana Fo Fana: ( Oh, so he’s a Bright One? )
[9:00:54 PM] Banana Fo Fana: ( Hollu \ o / )
[9:00:54 PM] Zazozaliad: (mhm.)
[9:02:04 PM] Hollikuru: sudden laptop shutdown
[9:02:05 PM] Hollikuru: augh
[9:02:06 PM] Steph: ((Gaa is in the middle of eating a very greasy taco and thus shall be a tad slow to respond))
[9:02:19 PM] Zazozaliad: nomnomnom
[9:02:26 PM] Banana Fo Fana: ( =‘< —and pffffft. )
[9:02:31 PM] Steph: ((“also inb4 perverted comments”))
[9:02:47 PM] Hollikuru: such little faith in our maturity, plus
[9:02:51 PM] Banana Fo Fana: ( As long as it wasn’t pink [/shot] )
[9:03:00 PM] Steph: (( ‘ey, she said it, not me >3>~ ))
[9:05:24 PM] Banana Fo Fana: ( Also, I don’t warrant Helen calling your characters “unpleasant” )
[9:05:51 PM] Hollikuru: afk
[9:05:55 PM] Banana Fo Fana: kk
[9:06:07 PM] Gaa: …Im wondering if I can do a Knowledge (Braque) check but this is not 3.5 ))
[9:06:15 PM] Zazozaliad: ..hee
[9:06:21 PM] Banana Fo Fana: brb
[9:06:29 PM] Zazozaliad: investigation might work, but i think that check sucks for you. lemme think~
[9:06:33 PM] Zazozaliad: got any contracts that might help?
[9:06:37 PM] Gaa: …hn
[9:06:45 PM] Zazozaliad: LEARN YOUR SPELLS
[9:07:43 PM] Zazozaliad:, would a tazer count as a firearm?
[9:07:46 PM] Gaa: well he could always ask a damn table. ))
[9:07:53 PM] Zazozaliad: ..yes. ask braque’s counter.
[9:07:58 PM] Zazozaliad: or his desk.
[9:08:09 PM] Steph: ((it could totally worrrkkkk))
[9:08:10 PM] Gaa: …dont tempt me ))
[9:08:14 PM] Michelle: Totally possible. ))
[9:08:14 PM] Zazozaliad: it would work!
[9:08:17 PM] Zazozaliad: do it
[9:08:21 PM] Zazozaliad: you are the changeling
[9:08:23 PM] Zazozaliad: be ridiculous
[9:08:24 PM] Steph: ((do it))
[9:08:57 PM] Zazozaliad: totally blank’s fault.
[9:09:00 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ back AND LOL ]
[9:09:11 PM] Gaa: …wait damn I cant I only got the firsst level in communion. B[ rrr gimme a sec)
[9:09:15 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ Bawww, Blank clawed a poor defenseless table? D; ]
[9:09:20 PM] Michelle: Nope. ))
[9:09:21 PM] Michelle: B] ))
[9:09:26 PM] Zazozaliad: nah, braque did, when blank pissed him off
[9:09:37 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ …sooooo INDIRECTLY Blank. ]
[9:09:39 PM] Hollikuru: back and bahahaha braque
[9:10:40 PM] Gaa: okay my contracts are not useful for this >:T; I might try investigtion anyway for the baws if possible ))
[9:11:07 PM] Zazozaliad: mk~
[9:11:24 PM] Gaa: Just one d10, right? I got a 7. ))
[9:11:33 PM] Zazozaliad: Thaat’s a failure, sadly.
[9:11:45 PM] Gaa: he is not sherlock hancock ))
[9:11:58 PM] Zazozaliad: wait wait lemme write it out
[9:12:03 PM] Steph: ((I would hope so ‘cause if the team dad did drugs that’d be a tad awkward))
[9:12:20 PM] Gaa: he can perscribe them B*] ))
[9:12:43 PM] Steph: (( /horrible role model/ ))
[9:12:49 PM] Banana Fo Fana: ( Helen will take some medicinal marijuana [/shot] )
[9:12:50 PM] Zazozaliad: —wait no~ john gets two rolls!
[9:12:57 PM] Zazozaliad: since he has wits four.
[9:12:59 PM] Zazozaliad: i think.
[9:13:23 PM] Zazozaliad:, nevermind just the one, i think the one dot just saves your from dramatic failure if you 1
[9:13:32 PM] Zazozaliad: dangit i need to learn this game
[9:13:39 PM] Michelle: its okay match =] ))
[9:13:42 PM] Steph: (( s’all good |B ))
[9:14:52 PM] Zazozaliad: [Despite your best (amateurish) efforts at investigation, the good doctor’s trail is indiscernable. Perhaps

there is some small misplaced detail that could give you lead, but from basic sleuthing alone you haven’t a clue.]
[9:14:56 PM] Zazozaliad: You know what time it is.
[9:15:01 PM] Zazozaliad: PERCEPTION TIME
[9:15:06 PM] Steph: FFFUUUUU
[9:15:21 PM] Zazozaliad: you’ve been here two days, you have a chance of noticing something off just from perception
[9:15:34 PM] Zazozaliad: Since John’s actively looking, he rolls first!
[9:16:20 PM] Banana Fo Fana: Teehee, I made you roll stuff.
[9:16:29 PM] Gaa: 10,6,9,9,8,5,9 ))
[9:16:43 PM] Zazozaliad: wow, didja reroll the ten?
[9:16:54 PM] Gaa: also my computer is laging s my browser might die cos \io am not losing that roll\ ))
[9:17:00 PM] Gaa: No
[9:17:20 PM] Zazozaliad: want me to roll it, since you’re lagging?
[9:17:29 PM] Gaa: please
[9:17:32 PM] Zazozaliad: 9.
[9:17:38 PM] Zazozaliad: ….dingdingding!
[9:17:43 PM] Steph: ((DAT ROLL))
[9:17:46 PM] Banana Fo Fana: \ o /
[9:18:00 PM] Zazozaliad: John just got the first EXCEPTIONAL SUCCESS of the campaign!
[9:18:05 PM] Zazozaliad: ..i think.
[9:18:10 PM] Michelle: ((See~? Listening to blank’s obscure advice works! [/shot] —-Ohhh~~))
[9:18:24 PM] Gaa: …considering he has sight problems this is amusing that he percieves well ))
[9:18:34 PM] Zazozaliad: he can uh
[9:18:39 PM] Zazozaliad: sense the oddities
[9:18:39 PM] Angelis Black: back
[9:18:41 PM] Zazozaliad: in the grain of the wood
[9:18:43 PM] Banana Fo Fana: wb~
[9:18:44 PM] Zazozaliad: —welcome back!
[9:18:45 PM] Gaa: …
[9:18:46 PM] Gaa: yes
[9:18:51 PM] Steph: John has eagle visiiiooonnn
[9:18:53 PM] Gaa: he can read the rings of fate in the wood
[9:19:21 PM] Michelle: ((Its not seeing things, it’s understanding what you see~ ))
[9:19:51 PM] Angelis Black: [Indeed, so we’re trying to find the doctor?]
[9:20:05 PM] Zazozaliad: Yes. And John just aced it.
[9:20:28 PM] Zazozaliad: I’m writing what he picks up on now. GUY CAN’T INVESTIMAGATE, BUT HE CAN SURE SPOT THE DIFFERENCES IN ISPY~
[9:20:57 PM] Gaa: obvi he found waldo ))
[9:25:49 PM] Hollikuru: hello i’m back what did i miss
[9:25:53 PM] Hollikuru: /had to afk again
[9:26:02 PM] Michelle: Waldo king~ ))
[9:26:17 PM | Edited 9:26:26 PM] Banana Fo Fana: John is an I Spy master B)
[9:27:02 PM] Michelle: THERE updated sheet with allll the information on my blessings and contracts and merits and the like. ))
[9:30:09 PM] Zazozaliad: [ John – While looking at the ‘scene’ in context of ‘hm, where and why could he have gone’ doesn’t make

anything click at all, a more clinically minded sweep of the…clinic…turns up a slew of oddities. First off is the fact that there’s

a neat stack of paper turned to the clerk’s side of the counter, the top of the stack bearing a half finished sentence with a discarded

pencil nearby, the last letter of the sentence trailing off dramatically. The next is that the pistol Braque had mentioned he kept taped

under the counter was missing. The final out of place detail is that there’s a faint black glow issuing forth from that odd, crudely

carved symbol over the door. How didn’t you notice that before?!]
[9:31:00 PM] Gaa: NO MY BEAU D’; ))
[9:31:33 PM] Steph: ((when have dramatic trailoffs ever been a good sign))
[9:32:19 PM | Edited 9:32:48 PM] Zazozaliad: how no one noticed braque leaving: a) he has stealth dots. b) INVISIBLE FAILED PERCEPTION

CHECKS c) deus ex matchy-na
[9:32:44 PM] Banana Fo Fana: Pfffft, that last one.
[9:34:12 PM] Zazozaliad: <s>he only mentioned the pistol to john because they actually get along</s>
[9:34:28 PM] Angelis Black: thinks out loud You know, I did ask him to get in touch with the Summer Court for me. Perhaps that is

where he went? Or did one of you guys ask him to do something too? she says as she looks around [Can I roll for percep too, I was

[9:34:34 PM | Edited 9:34:51 PM] Banana Fo Fana: <s>Well they /are/ beaus.</s>
[9:34:49 PM] Zazozaliad: Sure!
[9:34:58 PM] Angelis Black: [what was the roll again?]
[9:35:00 PM] Steph: <s>and then from this point on it became a quest to find a lost love</s>
[9:35:01 PM] Zazozaliad: wits + composure
[9:35:28 PM] Angelis Black: 9,2,3,8
[9:36:26 PM] Zazozaliad: [The lightbulb perks up at this. "The Summer Court? Ah, perhaps this is why he sent for me… madame, /I/ am a

Summer Courtier." They stand, extend a hand and bow slightly in the most ridiculous gesture you’ve seen all day.]
[9:36:47 PM | Edited 9:37:05 PM] Zazozaliad: [You notice the weird symbol and the fact that’s it’s glowing black. That’s it, though.]
[9:39:23 PM] Gaa: “…I don’t know where to look. Give me a moment…” He put his hand to his chin, and began rustling through the good

doc’s belongings, now properly concerned. He tuned out the others after a while, and eventually found

allofthestuffmatchymentionedshutupImsavingtime. While he couldn’t put two and two together completely,he eventually properly returned to

the group with a serious look on his face. "I fear Braque may have had an unexpected incident come up. He seemed to’ve left abruptly,

and his weapon is missing." totes not telling what kind of weapon, thats private matter. “Plus…that.” And pointypointy at the symbol.

“I’m not sure what it all means, however.” [strike]point out the clues, have others investigate them, best plan[/strike]
[9:39:55 PM] Hollikuru: hi i’m totally here augh gotta jump in
[9:39:56 PM] Hollikuru: sob
[9:39:57 PM] Hollikuru: sorry guys
[9:40:00 PM] Zazozaliad: it’s okay~
[9:42:10 PM] Hollikuru: Jun frowned as he listened to John. “Do you think something might’ve happened to him, then?” Jun wouldn’t be

especially surprised, though he was beginning to get concerned. He approached the symbol that John had pointed out and studied it.

“What’s this?” He asked of no one in particular.
[9:43:08 PM] Steph: Sydney had focused on just not looking at the lightbulb, and when John pointed out the dark glowing symbol he looked

at it curiously. “Whoah..” He followed Jun without realizing it to get a closer look at the symbol. “Why’s it glowing?” Kind of cool

looking though. Though it was unlikely that it was a good thing.
[9:43:11 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [/sorry, was afk for bagels]
[9:43:31 PM] Zazozaliad: I need to draw this symbol : ? …. heychibiwannadesignitforme
[9:43:38 PM] Michelle: k ))
[9:43:42 PM] Angelis Black: shakes her hand and also bows, trying to be respectful. I guess I was right in thinking we had more in

common. I’m happy that you’re here. I assume he’s perhaps told you about me? In any case, I’ve heard of the summer court and

their…goals. I feel that I sympathize with them greatly. *she says, with obvious truth as her lust for fey blood had been radiating

out from her ever since she escaped.* I hope we can discuss this further.
[9:45:16 PM] Michelle: ((Tempted to call forshadowing. ICly. ))
[9:45:28 PM] Zazozaliad: do it. it’d be in character.
[9:45:35 PM] Zazozaliad: talecraftitup~
[9:48:55 PM] Banana Fo Fana: Helen’s eyes widened at the recent update on the missing doctor’s location. She then approached the symbol

and stood behind Jun and Syd, staring at it with curious intent.
[9:49:08 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ Apparently Helen has a bad habit of staring |B; ]
[9:49:25 PM] Michelle: Listening as John revealed what he had uncovered, he turned to fallow the pointing finger with his sight.

“…The sanctuary symbol is glowing.” That… That left him a little worried. The doctor runs off, apparently in a rush, and the thing that

had been pointed out to him in that little talk he and Braque had a couple nights before was glowing?

He frowned, rubbing at his mouth and nose a bit, before removing his glasses again.

“Damn-it, foreshadowing.” He was calling it right now. That talk the last night had been foreshadowing. “…I’d bet he’s off /keeping his

word/ or something right now.”
[9:49:37 PM] Zazozaliad: [Ignoring the little drama going on over Braque’s whereabouts, the Courtier focuses on Feriena. They give her

hand a firm, but not domineering shake before letting go and straightening up to their full height. While not impressively tall, the

living light is no dwarf. "Indeed. While Braque has provided me with a…minimum of information, I can see already you will make a fine

member of Thunder’s court. Introductions are in order. My name is Lee Bell."]
[9:50:26 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ Wow, even an androgynous name, lightbulb dude. ]
[9:50:35 PM] Zazozaliad: (( /tips hat))
[9:51:42 PM] Steph: “‘Sanctuary symbol’?” Sydney repeated, looking back a bit to look at Blank, for once not in a pissed off fashion.

“What’s that? Does it protect the place or something?”
[9:52:48 PM] Angelis Black: smiles I was called Feriena, it is a pleasure to meet you, and I can’t wait to get down to the fun. But

before that, we should probably find the doctor. she says as she turns to the others So, what do you think we’re dealing with?
[9:54:19 PM | Edited 9:57:28 PM] Zazozaliad: [Lee’s slight smile quickly turns to a frown when Feriena turns away, but they don’t press

the matter. “Indeed. I suppose he and I have things to discuss yet. I do wish you luck in the endeavor.” With that, Lee retakes their

[9:57:34 PM] Gaa: “Sanctuary symbol?” Repeat the third, but it was more mumbled to himself. "Keeping his word on what…? Did the two of

you discuss something, Blank?" Cue worried face. Well, as much as he can with his papery condition.
[10:00:35 PM] Zazozaliad: brb!
[10:00:40 PM] Banana Fo Fana: kk
[10:04:50 PM] Zazozaliad: [The symbol, for its part, continues to look infuriatingly mysterious, crude, and glowy. Glowey? …Either

way, it doesn’t…you know…talk to you or anything.

That would be insane.]
[10:05:00 PM] Zazozaliad: [Anyone have dots in occult?]
[10:05:03 PM] Michelle: “A plot hook.” He responded as he looked over his shoulder to Feriena for a moment, before turning his attention

to Sydney and John. “Yeah, we talked—/Blank/?” He tilted his head, and would have emoted his displeased confusion at the sudden

nickname. “Comon. You can do better than that. ‘Ken doll’ is more creative.”

Wait, he had to focus. Shaking his head to dismiss the title? Insult? he continued. “You don’t think someone like the doctor would let

people stay in his clinic for free out of the goodness of his heart, do you?”

He nodded his head at the glyph for a moment. “I don’t know the details, but that thing means he can’t kick us out for at least a couple

of weeks. And… There’s probably more to it. But… Whatever the case, it’s because he made some sorta deal that he’s stuck doing this. …

And that he’s the sort to keep his word.”

Blech, he was talking too much, it felt weird. He had the taste of exposition in his mouth, now.
[10:05:12 PM] Hollikuru: Oh, Jun has a dot in occult.
[10:05:46 PM] Hollikuru: also loooooool blank
[10:05:55 PM] Zazozaliad: Roll in, Jun!
[10:06:05 PM] Steph: eeewww exposition
[10:06:31 PM] Michelle: Taste like poor wriittiinnngg
[10:06:41 PM] Steph: eeewwwww
[10:07:05 PM] Zazozaliad: [Lee, over in their chair in the background, smirks. Ah, Braque’s infamous foolish promise~.]
[10:07:09 PM] Steph: (( /also Syd has two dots in occult if Jun has a fail))
[10:07:25 PM] Zazozaliad: You roll ‘em too =)
[10:07:29 PM] Hollikuru: hang on gotta open sheet again
[10:07:32 PM] Hollikuru: derp derp
[10:09:01 PM | Edited 10:09:06 PM] Zazozaliad: actually, if syd succeeds i can kinda fluff it nicely o3o
[10:09:09 PM] Hollikuru: one d10, yes?
[10:09:16 PM] Zazozaliad: yes.
[10:09:24 PM] Hollikuru: 8.
[10:11:57 PM] Zazozaliad: /pokes steph
[10:12:44 PM] Gaa: She just stumbled in ))
[10:12:53 PM] Zazozaliad: ah~
[10:12:55 PM] Steph: (( SORRY I WAS DOING NERDY THINGS))
[10:13:00 PM] Zazozaliad: it’s okay~!
[10:13:05 PM] Steph: 8, 9
[10:13:12 PM] Zazozaliad: woah nice
[10:13:19 PM] Zazozaliad: i am going to write you so much fluff
[10:13:24 PM] Steph: (( pffftttt XD ))
[10:16:44 PM] Zazozaliad: [Jun – The symbol is vaguely familiar – familiar in the way anything from the dreamlands of Arcadia can be.

Its shape isn’t the recognizable part, but rather its…feeling. This is the standard flown over places of peace, of different royal

faerie courts discussing the matters of their fantastic kingdoms without fear of ill repercussions. It calms you, but in the same moment

the dark aura spilling forth from it sets you on edge.]

[Sydney – This symbol is familiar – familiar in the way anything from the dreamlands of Arcadia can be. It was a rarity, in your

darkened wonderland – but a cherished one, a delicacy promising respite. While the symbol never took the same shape, even there, the

promise within it is the very same – “you may rest here.” The black aura haunting it is a transgression against such peace, an insulting

one – it instills in you an odd sense of indignance.]
[10:17:06 PM] Zazozaliad: i feel it
[10:17:10 PM] Zazozaliad: i feel the pretension
[10:17:20 PM] Zazozaliad: i am become hipster
[10:17:23 PM] Hollikuru: you’re a real changeling dm now
[10:17:47 PM] Steph: not the hipster oh god no /matchy come back to us/
[10:18:15 PM] Zazozaliad: i was always a hipster, man
i just burst free from my black glasses’d chrysalis
[10:19:48 PM] Michelle:
[10:19:56 PM] Michelle: ((Like that shape, match? ))
[10:20:09 PM] Zazozaliad: i like that =D
[10:20:10 PM] Michelle: ((Based off the hospital symbols. the red crosses and the like. + ))
[10:22:06 PM] Hollikuru: “Oh! I’ve seen this before.” Jun exclaimed. He recalled it being used in games where he’d have to negotiate

peacefully with his made-up enemies, created by him and his… “friends” in that other place. “But what’s it doing here?” He thought

out loud. He didn’t look at it much longer. He didn’t like reminiscing about his time in Arcadia, and this symbol especially made him

feel uncomfortable, despite it being a symbol of peace.
[10:24:08 PM] Steph: Syd took a minute to snicker at Blank’s reaction to the default name John gave him, but listening to him and

looking back at the symbol he realized how familiar it was. A good familiar for once. He realized it a moment or so later, and

indignation (an oh-so-natural feeling it seemed to be) was building once again. “It’s supposed to promise peace, but something’s wrong,”

he said, almost growling out the last part. "If something bad happened to Leatherface, then it’s like something’s threatening this

[10:24:35 PM] Zazozaliad: hehehehehehehehehehe.
[10:24:46 PM] Banana Fo Fana: Pfff, Leatherface.
[10:27:33 PM] Gaa: “…don’t call him that, Syd.” Flattest tone ever, despite his lack of response to Blank. "It doesn’t look…very

promising to me." But eh, what was he supposed to know. He sat on a desk for however many years. "I suppose this means we need to speed

up the search." And since he now had enough personal excuse to do it…time to read the trailed-off papers on the desk. He didn’t like

being nosy, but this was sort of serious biz now.
[10:28:17 PM] Gaa: hes gonna apologize so hardcore after this is done B’[;;; AAAH I TOUCHED YOUR THINGSSS ))
[10:28:25 PM] Michelle: ((First dnd game ever starts with a giant stack of paper, first changeling game starts with a giant stack of

[10:29:17 PM] Zazozaliad: [Sadly, the papers reveal no useful information – they’re patient records he was filling out, though a few of

them are about your group. Just basic observations, since he hasn’t had to treat any of you yet.]
[10:30:12 PM] Angelis Black: is curious about her own records, takes a look
[10:30:28 PM] Zazozaliad: pff snooping over john’s shoulder, are we?
[10:31:00 PM] Gaa: and then john sneezed cos hes totes allergic to cats [/no] ))
[10:32:54 PM] Michelle: “He ran off with the Chekhov’s Gun. What do you /think/ is happening?” He retorted to Sydney. Nothing good,

that’s for sure. Or well, if it were something good that’d be a pretty terrible narrative. A story needs conflict, after all. …Not that

blank-ken knew it was a /gun/. But a trope is a trope, and John had mentioned a weapon,and John was more of a main character than he

was, anyway… (The book was more of a main character than him, oi, his life.)
[10:33:15 PM] Michelle: (( Blank, in full story observer mode~ ))
[10:33:35 PM] Steph: ((blank i love you forever.))
[10:33:49 PM] Zazozaliad: [Feriena – your paper mostly contains a list of various measurements, only god knows how he got them, and a

few observations on physical health. There’s a specific section for whether you have parasites, funnily enough. And there’s an

additional note, done in the near illegible scrawl unique to doctors – "study felines more for future reference, have feeling will get

into trouble."]
[10:35:07 PM] Hollikuru: Jun was somewhat curious about what the doctor had written about him, but resisted looking. He didn’t want to

make it seem like he cared very much- It was probably basic stuff. Normal teenager, brown curly hair, very mature and considerate young

lad, whatever. He hadn’t had much of a chance to speak with the doctor privately, though he was beginning to suspect that the others

had. Perhaps he should ask them about what they’d learned… Sometime. Instead he listened to Blank’s (he quite liked the nickname)

exchange with Sydney.
“What are you talking about?” He asked, in a tone somewhere between derision and genuine curiosity.
[10:37:05 PM | Edited 10:37:35 PM] Gaa: When he felt Feriena over his shoulder, John simply passed her the file about herself, and in

short work, decided to just pass the others out their own individual files as well. It wasn’t as if he would be reading them or

anything. “…” He was actually paying awkward attention to Blank’s correct assessment of a gun, but there was no way the good doctor

had brought it up, right? “I don’t think there’s anything in these, but you’re all welcome to look.”
[10:39:59 PM] Steph: “What? He’s made of leather!” /He/ certainly didn’t see what was wrong with calling him that. When Syd looked back

at Blank he seemed to be confused by ’Chekhov’s Gun,’ but said nothing of it. "If you’re such a genius why don’t you figure out where he

went exactly?" Indignant frownpooouuuttt. “That symbol,” He added, looking at Jun. "It’s a magic-y kinda promise that means you can rest

wherever it is. The black glow means something’s threatening it."
[10:40:05 PM] Steph: ((he is the most eloquent with words))
[10:41:45 PM] Zazozaliad: [Helen – you…don’t have a file. Sorry. If it’s any consolation, he had a nearly blank sheet with vague

descriptions matching you on it.]
[10:42:11 PM] Michelle: ((IS MY SHEET BLANK LOL [/no]))
[10:42:13 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ Pfff, I figured. ]
[10:42:18 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ LOL ]
[10:42:32 PM] Steph: ((TROLOLOL |B ))
[10:42:45 PM] Angelis Black: Well, seems like my captivity did wonders for my bust size, thanks for having that specific measurment in

there, doesn’t make you creepy at all… Taller, faster, stronger, a hell of a lot stronger, but I already knew that… *she says with a

raised eyebrow and plenty of sarcasm.* No parasites, but I guess it’ll be a problem I have to watch out for now.
[10:43:05 PM] Banana Fo Fana: [ LMFAO, F-FERIENA ]
[10:44:00 PM] Zazozaliad: [Blank – your sheet has several angry scribbles on it, especially on the section for name. There’s a tiny note

under that blank saying “he tricked me out of getting a name! argh!” and most of the details are all very vague. "Nice hair, though.

..makes me kinda jealous." says the extra note at the bottom.]
[10:44:48 PM | Edited 10:44:53 PM] Zazozaliad: ((the doc’s just good at gauging measurements by eye, totes))
[10:45:07 PM] Hollikuru: Jun wasn’t going to look at his file, but since it had been handed to him, he was going to go ahead and take

a look. As he looked it over, he thought about what Syd had said. "I assumed as much. I hope the doctor is okay… John, you said he had

a weapon with him? What kind of weapon is it, exactly?"
[10:45:28 PM] Hollikuru: xD blank’s hair
[10:45:38 PM] Steph: DAT HAIR
[10:46:32 PM] Michelle: ((HAHAHA))
[10:46:45 PM] Michelle: ((Too bad blank’s not actually gonna look, but AHAHAHA ))
[10:47:42 PM] Gaa: “…a pistol, I believe.” He seemed sketchy on the details. "I don’t quite understand why a doctor would have to be

armed, but I wasn’t going to press him on it. I suppose I should have."
[10:47:56 PM] Michelle: “You don’t know what a chekov’s gun is?” Blank sighed, running a hand through his hair. Amateurs, all of them.

“Comon, you’re not that stupid, put the pieces together.”

“It’s a basic literary technique. You bring attention to something seemingly insignificant earlier, and it becomes important later on.

John said he had a weapon, and it’s now missing along with it’s wielder-“ He pursed his lips into a thin, closed line, and folded his

arms. He was so tired of Sydney’s little attitude. Well, no more exposition, then. Nope. No more.
[10:48:19 PM] Angelis Black: [brb, switching locations]
[10:48:23 PM] Hollikuru: ilu blank <3333>m gonna end session soon so that I can plot further developments (IE: leaving casa de braque) with

Jon, because his character features heavily in this arc =)

Session 1 Chatlog

Zazozaliad: [ The cloying scent of dying flowers is everywhere. Reasonable, since your vehicle has rammed into a giant rose bush.

But that’s neither here nor there. The looming sense of danger inherent to The Hedge has already begun to fade. It seems your escapes were.. successful. ]Zazozaliad: [ What now? ]

_ Michelle: _If his knuckles weren’t stark white before, they would be now with how tight he’s gripping the steering wheel. Focusing on pacing his breathing and calming his rapid heartbeat, after a moment the driver dares to look back by adjusting the rearview mirror.

_ Angelis Black:_ [groans in slight pain before, extracting her claws from the seat of the vehicle and looking around.] So did we make it? We better have…. [she said with a growl. Her senses were on edge, and her eyes darted around trying to pick out any sign of danger.] Nice driving by the way. [she growls again in obvious sarcasm]

_ Hollikuru: _"I think we made it… I feel kind of different." The boy examined himself. He looked about the same, as far as he could tell, but he had the distinct impression that he was finally on the other side. “Is everybody okay?”

_ Zazozaliad: _[ You all seem to have crashed in someone’s garden. An ill kept one, to be sure. ]
_ Zazozaliad: _[ Jun, you notice a light flick on in the nearby house. ]

_ Hollikuru: _A light caught Jun’s eye, and he turned his head to see a now-illuminated window. “Uh, you guys, I think we’ve been noticed.” He hastily unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door nearest to him. “We should get out of here quick.”

_ Angelis Black: _Undoes her seatbelt as well. “Why should we do that. We need food, shelter, and a place to stay, and I think we found all 3 in a place where no one would miss the former occupant if he went missing.” She says, showing off her claws. “Or we hope he’s a furry and he lets us in without violence. Either way is fine with me.”

_ Michelle: _“Shut up. Beggars can’t be choosers, stowaway.” He snaps at the feline woman, not bothering to look at her. He instead runs his hand over the dashboard, essentially giving it a pet. He then pauses for a moment as Jun voices his concern, however. “Ah… Hell.”

He unbuckles his own seatbelt, but doesn’t get out right away, instead rummaging quickly through his car to search for… anything, really.

“No.” He responds curtly to the cat woman during his digging.

_ Michelle: _(I search for any sort of gear that my car might have been carrying around!)

[5:34:48 PM] Zazozaliad: [ Blank, you find a lot of bits of shrivelled plant life that have infiltrated your car over the years, now dying having left The Hedge. Also, a moldy old pair of fuzzy dice. ]
[5:35:22 PM] Zazozaliad: [ Another light flicks on. ]
[5:36:51 PM] Hollikuru: Jun stepped out of the car, glad that he was wearing boots to protect his legs from the thorns. He noticed the second light appear, and nervously looked back at his companions still in the car. “Guys, we should reeeeally get outta here! What if someone sees us?”
[5:37:11 PM] Zazozaliad: ..oho. They don’t know about the Mask, that’s right.
[5:37:20 PM] Hollikuru: Yep.
[5:40:52 PM] Michelle: Yuck, dead bramble everywhere. Talk about eco-friendly. Well, it wasn’t much, but considering he didn’t even have pants at the moment, he was okay with snatching up the fuzzy dice. If only as a souvenir for his escape.

“Quit whining.” He opens the door and climbs out of the vehicle, himself, slamming the door closed behind him, taking a moment to get a quick, better look of his surroundings now that he was out of the car. Hopefully to spot the quickest path out of the rose garden.
[5:43:23 PM] Angelis Black: Gets herself out of the vehicle as well, as quickly as she could. her claws having a bit of trouble with the release before she remembers to actually retract them. She looks around for a path out the garden as well, but she also looks for any cover to hide behind. “Come on, if not a way out, lets find a place to hide.”
[5:44:30 PM] Zazozaliad: Wanna jump in now, gaa, or shall I keep going~?
[5:44:45 PM] Zazozaliad:, I have a witty idea anyway, so:
[5:46:54 PM] Zazozaliad: [ The car shudders as changelings scurry out of it, and when Blank slams the door, well – the poor old thing seems to not have anything left. It explodes into a cloud of beautiful, glittering dust, that whirls away on a sudden wind. ]
[5:47:14 PM] Zazozaliad: [ Anyone who might have still been inside is unceremoniously dumped into the bush. ]
[5:49:19 PM] * Justine added Steph *
[5:49:40 PM] Justine: hello we are the fashionably late duo
[5:49:55 PM] Zazozaliad: theory: John and Sydney were napping in truck’s back
[5:50:06 PM] Steph: …canon’d
[5:50:18 PM] Zazozaliad: and now you’re both in a rosebush because the car exploded.
[5:50:22 PM] Steph: o
[5:50:22 PM] Zazozaliad: into faerie dust.
[5:50:23 PM] Justine: …
[5:50:23 PM] Steph: h
[5:50:24 PM] Steph: owie
[5:50:26 PM] Justine: ow
[5:50:41 PM] Zazozaliad: Roll d10’s equal to your dexterity.
[5:51:25 PM] Justine: …so 3 dex = 3d10?
[5:51:29 PM] Zazozaliad: Yes!
[5:51:31 PM] Justine: k
[5:51:35 PM] Justine: …man thats so beautifully simple
[5:52:06 PM] Justine: …10
[5:52:11 PM] Steph: 5
[5:52:14 PM] Justine: (3+3+4)
[5:52:26 PM] Michelle: ((pbhff.))
[5:52:33 PM] Justine: we really were sleeping
[5:52:38 PM] Steph: fo sho’
[5:52:38 PM] Zazozaliad: You both fail, and get thorned up.
[5:52:44 PM] Steph: …ow
[5:53:16 PM] Zazozaliad: One point bashing (very light damage, not really to worry about) to you both.
[5:53:42 PM] Zazozaliad: (this health system is weird.)
[5:53:51 PM] Michelle: Suddenly not having a weight to put his hand up against, he wavers just for a moment before quickly turning around to see his ride finish dissolving into spark-dust.

“No! My car!” He seemed more concerned with the crumbled vehicle than the passengers that had still been sitting inside it.
[5:53:59 PM] Michelle: (love you guys.)
[5:54:03 PM] Hollikuru: XD
[5:54:06 PM] Steph: (ouch)
[5:54:10 PM] Michelle: (MY POOR BBY)
[5:54:12 PM] Michelle: (MY CAARRR)
[5:54:24 PM] Justine: minus 10 Friendpoints >:U )
[5:54:47 PM] Zazozaliad: don’t worry blank. it’s still alive. in your heart.
[5:55:08 PM] Michelle: ((At least I have it’s fuzzydice =,<))>8[ prettyboy ))
[8:17:42 PM] Steph: Fae or not, in his inifinite wisdom and maturity, Syd contented himself with pulling down an eyelid and sticking his tongue out at George Leatherman. Being like them being insulting. Jerk.
[8:17:55 PM] Steph: /i am contributing
[8:17:56 PM] Hollikuru: pbhhf.
[8:17:57 PM] Zazozaliad: …..<3>;3]
[8:19:43 PM] Zazozaliad: Heheh~ she scary~
[8:20:09 PM] Justine: “Now now, no need to jump to conclusions everyone!” He was going to have a heart attack, sheesh. Lucky for Syd, fauxDaddy missed the display of total maturity. “Civil behavior should be met in kind.” John sighed, and ran his hand through his crumpled hair. “I genuinely do apologize, sir.”
[8:20:21 PM] Justine: KEEP THE PEACE AUGHHH
[8:20:27 PM] Hollikuru: Aww, John XD
[8:20:48 PM] Steph: ((meanwhile your fauxSon is making faces.)
[8:20:49 PM] Justine: team dad has his work cut out for him B’[
[8:20:56 PM] Steph: ((are you sure you don’t want to rethink this, John))
[8:21:04 PM] Justine: …dont tempt him
[8:21:15 PM] Steph: >3>
[8:24:05 PM] Zazozaliad: [Braque looks very unsettled by Feriena’s, well, intimidation technique. His mismatched eyes widen and he raises his twisted hands in a gesture of placation. “Woah woah woah there, kids. I’m the GOOD doctor, not an evil kidnappy gent-y one. Seriously, I’m here to help.”]
[8:24:40 PM] Zazozaliad: you scared him into being forthcoming, you biiiitch, i was gonna drag this scene out for ages

[8:27:01 PM] Hollikuru: Jun brushed off Blank’s remark. I wasn’t worth getting into an argument over. “How do we know that? I apologize for my suspicion, but we kinda just escaped. As mentioned, we’re all a little on edge.” Jun stepped slightly in front of Feriena, attempting to take control of the situation before it got violent. He definitely did not trust her to be diplomatic in any sense of the word.

[8:34:43 PM] Justine: John seemed to show some sense of genuine pity on his face, though it felt misplaced to him. He could understand everyones reactions from the point of view of what remained of his profession before, but…true comprehension was escaping him. “If he were to be any harmful force, I’m sure he would have acted by now. Are \they\-” i.e., the fae, “-known for being particularly subtle?” At the very least, his sure wasn’t. WEH WEH this and DEAR DIARY IM BORED that.

[“..If I had a penny for every time I’ve been told ‘prove it,’” Braque grumbles, before not-so-subtlely brushing the question off in favor of answering John. “..They— the Gentry, I assume you mean, aren’t subtle in the least, no.”]

“…They can fake it until they get what they want.” He grumbled, though not properly interjecting, folding his arms around his chest in defensive body language. He didn’t get why the man was calling the fae “the gentry”, but didn’t really care to ask why, neither. visibly relaxes her muscles, but keeps the claws out. She rises up out of her pouncing stance. So, wanna tell us whats going on then? I mean, it was surprize enough that fey came up and kidnapped, me, and all this occult shit went down, and then I get turned into a cat, but then here we both are on a goddam road. So are you our re-orientation guy? “Welcome back to your fucked up life?” or is there something you want? John cast Blank an exasperated look- or, to the degree he could -but turned back to Braque with intrigue written on his face. (i wish literally cos thatd be hilarious) “Gentry?” He wanted to ask more about the doctor thing personally, but now wasn’t the time. A thought occured, and he skewed his mouth up. “…maybe we should walk and talk, I’m not exactly at ease standing here, lest someone come by and make a scene of this.” Plus, it’d let some of the others calm down to work off their energy. …even if John was already tired and frankly wanted more of a rest.

[8:50:45 PM] Steph: ((Syd is just gonna carry around a pen and write John’s emotions and expressions on his face))
[8:50:57 PM] Justine: …best son ever.
[8:51:03 PM] Steph: ((in poor penmanship))
[8:51:26 PM] Michelle: Entreeg ))
[8:51:47 PM] Steph: ((pffftt yes BD ))

Jun was slightly displeased by the lack of a proper answer to his question, but chose to let go of the matter for the moment. “I agree,” he said after John had spoken. “We should get out of the middle of the road. Even if people can’t see what we really look like, it’s best not to draw attention to ourselves.” With that he began moving towards the side of the road, assuming the others would follow.

[8:53:34 PM] Zazozaliad: [The more you all say the word ‘fae,’ the more bothered Braque seems. At that last use, he outright twitches. “Yeeess,” he drawls, “I am the re-orientation GUY. I am here to re-orientiate you all. For starters, I am going to re-orientate you all to CLOTHES.”]
[8:54:23 PM] Zazozaliad: [..he gives an enthusiastic affirmative to the idea to get moving, though. There’s only so much time till daylight, after all.]

[8:56:26 PM] Zazozaliad: [He’d offer you his shirt, catgirl, but /nobody/ wants to see what they did to his chest.]

[8:56:53 PM] Angelis Black: follows the rest Hey, seeing as the normal people don’t see our true forms and all and they just see another person, am I able to alter that to include clothes? Because this fur does get a bit hot sometimes and I don’t want to overheat while trying to protect a sense of modesty I don’t care about anymore.

[8:57:27 PM] Angelis Black: [Wits 3, I play it]

Syd followed silently, although he didn’t get quite what the big deal was about the naked cat lady. And he just readjusted his sweater on his body. It was ridiculously tattered, but he liked it, damnit.

[9:00:54 PM] Hollikuru: Jun silently smirked at the remark about clothing, the dryness of which endeared him to the doctor somewhat. He was also pleased to see that his suggestion to move was being followed- It seemed that he was still able to bear a little authority even in the real world. Yet another change being in that place made. “So if you aren’t one of… the gentry, and you aren’t like us, what are you? If you don’t mind me asking.”

[9:03:23 PM] Justine: …if he had clothes himself he would have gladly given them to the others, but as it stood he felt naked enough being left open for so- er. That…was a strange thought. Though it was true, it felt to John like his pages were exposed more than any sort of normal modesty. How facinating. “You claimed to be some sort of doctor earlier, as well…?” Could this be fixed? He’d like to be fixed.

[9:07:47 PM] Michelle: “As long as I don’t have to dress up like the kid.“ He grumbled. Honestly though, the thought of clothes was almost undesirable. Not because he enjoyed exposing himself to the elements or anything (not that the elements would get much amusement out of his physique anyway) but because a costume meant some sort of role would be expected from him. Reguardless, he stayed with the group as it begain to move.

[9:11:49 PM] Zazozaliad: [ At Feriena – While initially he seemed like he was going to dismiss the idea on principle, Braque turns thoughtful. “..It wouldn’t be impossible. Though I wouldn’t recommend it around some of our more.. stodgey.. contemporaries.”

At Jun – “Experienced, for starters. Hate to tell you,” he doesn’t really, from his tone, “but in this city little mites scurrying out from the thorns are seen exactly as that. You’re all just very lucky I’m a charitable fellow.”

At John – “Yes, I’m a doctor! A Chirurgeon, to be precise. But I earned my medical license, no matter if I don’t possess it now. …ah.” That’s an awkward question, John. Braque looks briefly uncomfortable. “…I do hate to say that it isn’t.” And this sounds a bit more honest.]
[9:11:51 PM] Zazozaliad: whoo
[9:11:53 PM] Zazozaliad: that took a while
[9:12:07 PM] Michelle: ((pat~))
[9:12:13 PM] Zazozaliad: was considering @ing everyone but /blows raspberries at the quieter losers
[9:12:16 PM] Zazozaliad: /no
[9:13:20 PM] Michelle: (( ‘s fine I’ll just keept mst3king everything IC~ ))
[9:13:25 PM] Steph: SYD WILL KICK YOU D’:
[9:14:18 PM] Zazozaliad: Caveat: the more we talk, the more we walk! …Braque’s started subtlely leading you guys baaack towards the city, since that’s where his own HQ is. Roll perception BECAUSE THAT’S ALL I EVER ASK FOR
[9:14:35 PM] Zazozaliad: i promise next session i’ll abuse them less
[9:14:38 PM] Steph: wits+compsure rite
[9:14:43 PM] Zazozaliad: yes.
[9:14:53 PM] Hollikuru: 7, 7, 4, 8, 5, 9
[9:14:58 PM] Justine: 3,9,5,6,9,3,6
[9:15:01 PM] Zazozaliad: if anything, you all will surely remember how to roll these BD
[9:15:02 PM] Steph: 9 9, 4, 1, 3, 7
[9:15:13 PM] Steph: i will know how to roll a perception check for the rest of my life at this rate
[9:15:31 PM] Hollikuru: i will hold on to my response to Doc, then, until the results of our rolls are in
[9:15:41 PM] Zazozaliad: sort of like how chibi will be on her deathbed, telling people how to calculate their initiative in DnD
[9:15:47 PM] Steph: pftt XD
[9:15:50 PM] Angelis Black: 2,8,4,7
[9:15:50 PM] Hollikuru: XDDD
[9:16:17 PM] Steph: I DOES WIFF DICE?
[9:16:34 PM] Steph: THEY LOOK LIKE CANDY
[9:16:39 PM] Angelis Black: and that ladies and gentlemen, is my IRL D&D group in a nutshell]
[9:16:46 PM] Steph: XDDD
[9:16:56 PM] Steph: /this is why i don’t play dnd normally
[9:16:56 PM] Michelle: IM ALIVE was reading back at the RP OTL;;; ))
[9:17:03 PM] Justine: ‘i didnt wanna tell you angelis but \i am your rl dnd group\
[9:17:17 PM] Zazozaliad: roll perception! ah ah ah!
[9:17:23 PM] Michelle: 9, 7, 9, 5, 5 perception. ))
[9:17:27 PM] Zazozaliad: mmk~
[9:17:37 PM] Michelle: Also Lol I thought it was the other way around. [/herp took so long to figure out initiative.] ))
[9:19:16 PM] Angelis Black: [Oh cool. gets a nerf bat and goes after Justine
[9:19:59 PM] Angelis Black: [stand still, I need to introduce you to the clue bat]
[9:21:19 PM] Zazozaliad: [ Jun, John, Sydney, and Blank – you notice Braque seems to have slowly taken the lead from Jun, directing the group away from the far outskirts of…whatever city you’re in.]
[9:23:12 PM] Zazozaliad: it’s in my notes as MIAMUMU because i write notes while half awake
[9:23:51 PM] Michelle: not-miami. in the same world as not-spain and not-africa. [/oh RE] ))
[9:23:54 PM] Steph: Seeing as he wans’t listening to the conversations as much as he should’ve been, Sydney was looking around at their surrounings. It took him a minute, but… “…Hey wait! Where the heck are we going?!” He interrupted, looking up at Braqueleatherman angrily.
[9:24:00 PM | Edited 9:24:27 PM] Hollikuru: “So then, they will be looking for us? Trying to get us back?” Jun said quietly, voice colored with fear. He’d managed to escape from them once, and he wasn’t sure if he could do it again. Nevertheless, though, he intended to act as the brave leader of this ragtag bunch of misfits. …However, it suddenly occurred to Jun that he was no longer actually leading. He had been following the Doctor for a short while now, in a direction that Jun suspected led back towards the city. “Wait a moment. Why are we heading back there? We were going away from there.”
[9:25:05 PM] Hollikuru: -wait i assume you meant back towards the city
[9:25:10 PM] Hollikuru: did i derp and misunderstand
[9:25:12 PM] Zazozaliad: yep.
[9:25:17 PM] Zazozaliad: to za city
[9:25:21 PM] Zazozaliad: miamumu hooo
[9:25:24 PM] Hollikuru: oh, alrighty
[9:25:35 PM] Steph: ((..i should really watch kamen rider some time))
[9:25:48 PM] Hollikuru: yes you should
[9:26:24 PM] Zazozaliad: I might have the check rates a little messed up, hmmm : ? this is a good learning experience.
[9:26:38 PM] Justine: John frowned, about to tisk at Syd when…well, Jun brought up his concerns as well. “There’s no point standing about in the countryside, is there? We can’t do much from the middle of nowhere.” gawd kids why is this a big deal. ((YES YOU SHOULD I AM IMTERRUPTING MY POST TO SAY YOU SHOULD PLUS)) “Now, what exactly is a chir…chiruegeon, you said?”
[9:26:58 PM] Hollikuru: lolgaa
[9:27:05 PM] Steph: ((…i can’t imagine John appreciates you interrupting post))
[9:27:12 PM] Justine: john can suck it
[9:27:18 PM] Steph: ((jerk))
[9:27:28 PM] Justine: your face’s a jerk
[9:27:42 PM] Hollikuru: daburu wo sagaaaaseeeeeeeee
[9:28:25 PM] Steph: i will watch it when i get through everything else on my list
[9:28:28 PM] Steph: …so in about two years
[9:28:35 PM] Hollikuru: i know that feel
[9:29:09 PM] Hollikuru: double, ooo, tiger and bunny, doctor who, soul eater
[9:29:18 PM] Justine: soul eater aaaahhhhhh
[9:29:18 PM] Steph: lol soul eater’s on my list too
[9:29:22 PM] Steph: along with finishing trigun
[9:29:25 PM] Justine: trigun aaaaahhhhhh
[9:30:28 PM] Michelle: Though aware that the doctor was herding them back towards the city, he sincerely didn’t care. None of the hitchhikers he had escaped with had much direction, (besides the ascetically attractive kid being all “I’m going home!” but like he was really putting an effort forth on that one.) himself included. And it wasn’t like they were obviously walking into a trap or anything. This man seemed to have information, it had been accepted that he was an ally, and he didn’t look anything more like a policeman than the cat woman did.
[9:30:49 PM] Hollikuru: oh blank
[9:30:52 PM] Hollikuru: u so mean
[9:31:04 PM] Michelle: ((blahblah no dialog blah. Maybe I should put antisocial down as a fault with this behavior, yeesh.))
[9:31:24 PM] Justine: well hes not in costume, hows he supposed to act D’;
[9:31:28 PM] Steph: “But wasn’t the whole point of running to get AWAY from the city?!” Syd look up at John with more indignation, angrily in agreement with Jun. He for one did not trust strange leater-faced men that insulted them.
[9:32:23 PM] Michelle: “At least try to stop being a pair of idiots. We were running away from the sirens, not the city.”
[9:32:24 PM] Zazozaliad: [“..I forget myself around the new blood. Yes, we’re going BACK to the big, scary city. In the big scary city is civilization. I’m aware it’s a bit of an unfamiliar concept, but.” Braque stops himself. Getting a little acerbic there, buddy.]
[9:33:03 PM] Zazozaliad: gottdammititisthemiddleofthenightandheisgettingmenacedbycatgirlsandprettyboys
[9:33:23 PM] Justine: “The point of running was to get away from /police/, I do believe. We should be safe now, my boy.” [strike]Professor John and his apprentice Syd Triton[/strike].
[9:33:34 PM] Steph: Syd /likes/ the middle of the night D’;
[9:33:47 PM] Steph: [strike]also I don’t think Syd is nice enough to be Luke[/strike]
[9:34:03 PM] Justine: your face reminds me of a puzzle, syd
[9:34:12 PM] Steph: your face looks like I can punch it, papa
[9:34:18 PM] Zazozaliad: your MOM reminds me of a puzzle
[9:34:18 PM] Justine: … :‘C
[9:34:29 PM] Steph: /wrathwrathwrath
[9:34:37 PM] Michelle: ((lol my timing with that add on dialog. double wizened minor temper loss.))
[9:35:45 PM] Steph: "Well what’s the point of going back to the city then? Where’re we going?" Syd responded bitterly. Impatient darkling is impatient.
[9:36:14 PM] Angelis Black: "I myself don’t really care. Just as no cops stop us along the way. Now how do I alter my appearance? Is it just concentrating? Reaching out with my feelings? Do I have to “use the force” or what?" she says, in a happier mood now that she has answers. She was always happy when things started to click and make sense. “By the way, what happens if I gouge out someone with my claws, but whatever my appearance is to a normal dude doesn’t even have long nails?” she said, interested in what she could do with her new “weapon”
[9:36:26 PM] Hollikuru: Jun had to admit that Blank and John had a point
But the idea of being around a lot of people made him slightly nervous, even if they couldn’t see the strangeness of the others’ forms. (Not his own, of course. He still looked normal, didn’t he?) Jun had never been particularly good with crowds. He wanted to protest further, but decided against it. The Doctor seemed… trustworthy, hopefully, and he would indeed have better luck getting home if he had people to ask directions of.
[9:37:09 PM] Angelis Black: [weapon being her ability to appear normal to people, not the claws, she knows how to use those]
[9:46:30 PM | Edited 9:47:04 PM] Zazozaliad: [Braque stops, the last click of his shoes taking on a slightly ominous echo. “Well, then, if you would rather go gallivanting off into the unpopulated distance, be my guest! I’m not stopping you.”

He sounds a bit beyond annoyed, and much more in the territory of angry. The good doctor’s patience frays easily, it seems.]
[9:46:49 PM] Hollikuru: eeep
[9:49:42 PM] Hollikuru: “No, no, that’s alright!” Jun immediately protested, noticing the anger in Braque’s voice. He certainly didn’t want to incur the wrath of the good doctor- Who knows what he might be capable of? “You’re right, it’s probably best that we stay in the city, at least for now.”
[9:49:59 PM] Hollikuru: omg jun you are such a pushover =x=
[9:50:10 PM] Hollikuru: cowardly kid =x=
[9:50:33 PM] Steph: Sydney jumped slightly when Braque stopped, mostly because he hadn’t been expecting it. At the thought of running off on his own, he frowned and looked at the ground; not, the best idea even he could recognize that. If his silence was anything, he obviously didn’t want to do that. He did mumble a quick “sorry” under his breath. Though he still wanted to know where they were going. [strike]Jerk[/strike]
[9:51:12 PM] Zazozaliad: sorry for glazing over so many questions! braque’s not the most easily accessible npc out there, eheh..
[9:51:53 PM] Steph: s’ok? :B
[9:52:03 PM] Angelis Black: Also my character is asking for rules questions IC. :b[]
[9:52:14 PM] Angelis Black: Sorry for any delay thats causing too.[]
[9:53:23 PM] Zazozaliad: s’ok~ to give an out if i never manage to answer stuff: the mask is easy to experiment with on your own with a mirror, some free time, and not minding losing glamour too much.
[9:53:49 PM] Zazozaliad: and since glamour isn’t too hard to replenish in a busy, emotion filled city~
[9:53:58 PM] Steph: omnomnom glamour
[9:54:53 PM] Michelle: “Just ignore them. They like to hear themselves complain.” He advises, stopping as the group does and refolding his arms as he waits for doctor Braque to start moving again. They’ll just see the destination when they get there. … If they get there, at this constantly-interrupted pace.
[9:55:53 PM] Steph: PAPA BLANK’S A MEANIE
[9:55:56 PM | Edited 9:56:07 PM] Zazozaliad: woo it’s laaate. they’ve been talking a while now. one more round of dialog and they’ll be at the hideout/clinic/temporary base of operations and that’s a good stopping point because then i can throw in people who missed the session as fellow newbs
[9:56:05 PM] Steph: CAN HE DRAW ON HIS FACE
[9:56:07 PM] Hollikuru: yayyy
[9:56:45 PM] Michelle: (WHAT AND NO AND I AM NOT YOUR PAPA. ))
[9:57:04 PM] Steph: HE’S GONNA DRAW ON UR FACE
Justine: And yet another sigh, boy was he getting weary. “I think I can speak for everyone, that our first desire is security and safety. Much apologies, doctor.” He used to be better at this…quite distressing for a psychologist. “When we arrive, I’m sure we can have all our questions answered and get proper rest in…but until then, we have to be patient.”
[9:58:36 PM] Hollikuru: ilu john
[9:58:36 PM] Justine: john wants a new party D’;
[9:58:41 PM] Justine: can he trade his
[9:58:44 PM] Michelle: Its okay, so does blank. ))
[9:58:52 PM] Justine: …
[9:58:56 PM] Michelle: BD ))
[9:58:59 PM] Steph: i think everyone wants a new party
[9:59:04 PM] Justine: …well
[9:59:13 PM] Justine: john aint letting his fauxson go anywhere
[9:59:32 PM] Justine: (h-how dare you call another man daddy D’; )
[9:59:34 PM] Michelle: It’sss gonna take a while for everyone to commit to eachother, ‘m feelin’. ))
[9:59:36 PM] Steph: syd did not permit a leash
[9:59:37 PM] Hollikuru: jun just wants his party to behave and work together like a proper band of heroes D;
[9:59:39 PM] Michelle: no nakama yet. ))
[9:59:44 PM] Zazozaliad: gotta work on nakama~
[9:59:50 PM] Steph: how we mine for nakama
[9:59:58 PM] Justine: wiff tropes
[10:00:06 PM] Zazozaliad: that’s why the motley pledge is such srs business, man~ no one does it lightly.
[10:06:43 PM] Zazozaliad: [“Tch. If there’s one constant amongst the Lost, it’s the propensity for complaints.” The anger fades, though, and Braque leads them the rest of the way to, surprise surprise, a medical clinic. Its exterior has a veneer of decay that indicates abandonment, but the door doesn’t creak when he unlocks it and lets it swing open.]
[10:07:45 PM] Zazozaliad: …yes, he’s going to make you all sleep in the waiting room. it has couches that were new a decade ago, that’s good enough!

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