An Reworking Of The Default Setting Provided With The Game Product

evan's intro

[The Thorns are painful to travel through, but they’re a comforting sort of painful – you’re getting Away, and that’s better than where you were. The emptiness has been replaced by a vibrant, emerald green, green that twists and makes you tumble -

And you keep tumbling. The rich green gives way to a calm blue, and then everything blurs as you splash into the water.]
[1:19:39 AM] Jon: ((OTL I am completely lost. Also, are people thing this in first or third person?))
[1:20:54 AM] Zazozaliad: I type with you’s because I’m the dm. everyone tends to use names instead of i’s otherwise though.
[1:21:07 AM] Jon: A’ight
[1:21:31 AM] Jon: Still completely lost for this. Maybe I should read that log first. >.>
[1:22:15 AM] Zazozaliad: You just fell in some water.
[1:22:26 AM] Zazozaliad: ..sorry, should I use less vague description? |D
[1:22:37 AM] Jon: Pfft, I understand the context
[1:22:46 AM] Jon: I just don’t know where I should go from there
[1:22:53 AM] Jon: Like
[1:22:57 AM] Jon: How much control I have
[1:23:03 AM] Zazozaliad: try and do anything.
[1:23:10 AM] Zazozaliad: it’s like roleplaying.
[1:23:14 AM] Jon: Too used to D&D
[1:23:34 AM] Jon: Like, would I say Evan looks around, and you say what I would see?
[1:23:40 AM] Zazozaliad: think of it as roleplay with some dicerolls rather than DnD with more roleplay.
[1:24:10 AM] Zazozaliad: in very basic terms, yes.
[1:25:00 AM] Jon: Well then, rusty, but here goes nothing~
[1:27:34 AM] Jon: knuckle crack
[1:29:19 AM] Jon: “Whargarblev!” Evan exclaimed incoherently as he flailed about in the water, surprised that he now found himself near drowning instead of clawing his way through thorns and brush.
[1:31:27 AM] Jon: Swimming had never been his strong point. He much preferred land over water. It wasn’t a constant struggle to simply be able to breathe, and he never had to worry about what was below him, only above and around. Also, guns worked much better out of water.
[1:31:44 AM] Zazozaliad: just say when you’re done =)
[1:31:58 AM] Jon: ‘Kay~
[1:32:05 AM] Jon: Internet glitched out for a minute there
[1:34:17 AM] Jon: After a moments struggle, Evan managed to steady himself in his new aquatic environment. Did he make it out? Everything felt…different. Besides, the water back…’there’ was long gone, even since that monstrosity removed it from existence.
No longer drowning, he looked around, eyes darting wildly accross the water.
[1:34:21 AM] Jon: (Done~)
[1:42:41 AM | Edited 1:42:59 AM] Zazozaliad: [..hilariously, he landed next to land. Sort of land. There’s a boat ramp made of concrete right next to him, devoid of any boats thankfully.

It’s a bright day as the sun pridefully sits at the peak of the sky, the white sand nearly blinding for its hubris. Next to the boat ramp is a rotting dock, also empty, its brown wood nearly green from age.

In the distance you can hear the plaintive cries of the gulls.]
[1:42:48 AM] Zazozaliad: done.
[1:45:42 AM] Zazozaliad: pretentious enuff
[1:45:54 AM] Jon: Aw yeah
[1:47:38 AM] Jon: Evan grabbed onto the boat ramp, crawling up it slowly and cautiously. Did it follow him? He didn’t dare call out to see if anyone was around, just in case it had. He continued crawling as his maddened eyes scanned the area until he reached the dock, where he stood up.
[1:47:41 AM] Jon: Done
[1:51:25 AM] Zazozaliad: [What is that incessant noise, this dripping?! ..oh, it’s you. The sun is quickly drying you, but the salt will cling to your clothes and for now you’ll have to put up with the annoying sound.

From the view of the dock, you can see the squabbling gulls, arguing over what looks like a scrap of – something disgusting. Nearer by, in a blue swimsuit and covered in sunscreen, is a small child staring at you.

“Are you a sea monster…?” she asks.]
[1:52:44 AM] Jon: ((How much control do I have over a situation? Like, could I say that I look up to see the child’s parents?))
[1:53:47 AM] Zazozaliad: You basically explore the world and take action upon it, but any details within the world are under my control – I AM the world.
[1:54:07 AM] Zazozaliad: a bit like DnD.
[1:54:20 AM] Jon: ‘Cause I have a bit of an idea, eheh
[1:54:23 AM] Jon: Anyways
[1:59:26 AM] Jon: Even nearly burst out into laughter upon hearing the child’s question. “Monster? Ha! ehahaha!” he staggered toward the child. “You don’t /know/ what a monster is. Have you even been chased to the point of insanity?”
His voice was raising, inching its way to a roar. He didn’t care, this child knew nothing of what a real monster was. She could never understand unless he made her. “Monsters are everywhere and YOU don’t even know it. You want to see a monster? I’ll show you a monster!”
[1:59:45 AM] Zazozaliad: oh dear.
[2:02:12 AM] Jon: Oh yeah, done
[2:06:41 AM] Zazozaliad: [The little girl stares at you with eyes the size of dinner plates.

Her lip begins to tremble.

The wails begins.

Congrats, your first action out of the hedge has been to make a little girl cry.]
[2:06:45 AM] Zazozaliad: done.
[2:09:33 AM] Zazozaliad: [The child seems to warp and waver before you, a strange energy collecting around her – one that seems…delectable. It’s a part of her, but not – it seems to be escaping her into the air around, coalescing into a beautiful bubble that slowly floats toward you. The child doesn’t seem to notice it.]
[2:19:37 AM] Jon: Evan cut off, raising an eyebrow at the bubble, then backing away slowly. It kept approaching, so he poked it. Pop. He felt slightly more…powerful? Not quite the right word, but it would suffice.
[2:21:15 AM] Jon: However, that had no real effect to calm his rage. He looked back at the little girl. He snarled, the pushed he down into the sand, screaming at her. “Monsters exist, and I’M ONE OF THEM
[2:21:33 AM] Jon: Done
[2:41:26 AM] Zazozaliad: [Predictably, the kid calls for her mommee and daddee.

Predictably, they show up.

Far less predictably, the father growls at you with an inhuman fury and turns into what could only be described as a w…. a wo…


..a werewolf.]
[2:44:54 AM] Jon: “…Shit.” Evan’s eyes widened. “Fuck.” He backed away from them. “Bloody heeeeell…”
[2:45:10 AM] Jon: Wolf.
…Still a wolf.
[2:46:34 AM] Jon: ((You can go, if you want))
[2:48:32 AM] Jon: He backed away into the water. Wait, no, bad idea. From what he knows of canine animals, they can swim fairly well. Beside this FUCKINGHORRIDMONSTERAAAH can bite. Great. Not only does he have to worry about that thing clawing him, he can BITE.
[2:50:25 AM] Jon: So he side-stepped, circling around the werebeast. Sadly, he blocked the most direct path into the city. He could run along the beach, but it definitely could outrun him, especially since he was covered in soaking clothes that would only weight him down.
[2:50:33 AM] Jon: “Shit.” he muttered again.
[2:53:28 AM] Jon: ((I’m done, by the way))
[2:54:14 AM] Zazozaliad: [The wolfman crouches, ready to spring, mouth building a slight froth – and then it jumps. Time seems to slow.
[2:55:58 AM] Zazozaliad: Bang.

The werewolf yelps, it’s jump broken by the bullet. It lands, and looks injured, but it’s getting back up.

The child gasps, and the mother rushes to her husband’s side.]
[3:01:26 AM | Edited 3:01:48 AM] Zazozaliad: [A shadow falls over you, and you feel a heavy, clawed hand on your shoulder. Something – twists – around you, and you feel a terrible lurch in your gut. For a moment, everything goes black.

The blackout ends in a moment, and you are on the same beach as before, beside the same dock, under the same sky – several hours later. It’s evening, and everything is tinted a beautiful shade of orange.

There is a large mount of blood on the sand.]
[3:01:56 AM] Zazozaliad: Done!
[3:26:58 AM] Jon: Evan collapsed to his hands and knees, vomiting onto the sand. Not that was really anything that could be taken from his stomach other than acid, but that’s something.
He didn’t know what just happened. Did he get knocked unconcious? he couldn’t have, he was standing up (Until he fell over to vomit). But it was night time. Well, evening. Close enough.
Heaving and struggling to breath, he raised himself to one knee, resting his arms on it and his head on his arms. After taking a moment to catch his breath, Evan looked up.
[3:31:51 AM] Zazozaliad: [The orange, cloudless sky is all that’s there.

You are alone.]
[3:32:24 AM] Zazozaliad: DITCHED