An Reworking Of The Default Setting Provided With The Game Product

lee and feriena

Angelis Black: While they figure stuff out, might I ask, what is necessary for joining the court? Also, I am excited about going on missions or hits against specific targets. * she said, not even bothering to hold back her excitement at the thought of getting back at the Fey that abducted her and changed her… *

Zazozaliad: [Lee leans forward in their cruddy armchair, the seat creaking from the movement. They steeple their hands together and rest their chin atop their hands, staring at you.

“Thunder’s court is not easy to join, you understand. …there are some Lost, who…well, are lost to us, unable to survive the trials. I believe you’ll be fine, but…” Lee trails off.

“I can’t share many of our secrets before you’re indoctrinated, you understand. That includes the details of any..activities.”]

Angelis Black: * she nods * I understand perfectly. Its like my old gang. You need to be initiated first before you’re a real member. Markings, ink… I understand all too well. * her voice grows harsher. Wrath was not her vice, but the sense of bloodlust that washed over her from the thought of revenge was. * Can you promise me that I’ll be able to get back at them? Can I make them all pay… every last fucking one of them?

Zazozaliad: [Something flickers in Lee’s eyes at her display of bloodlust, like a shooting star across a black sky. They smile widely, showing off translucent teeth. “Markings, yes. We call it the Mantle. And as for the Fae…”

Lee leans back, and glances at the other bickering occupants of the room. They’re all utterly unaware of this conversation, and they see that, and look pleased. They turn back to you.

“Some enemies are closer than the Hedge. We often have to deal with those to get to the real foe, but -”

“..we will. Together. They will suffer, and they will writhe.”]

Angelis Black: * grins * Perfect~ Just perfect. I look forward to a very long and /satisfying/ relationship with the Summer Court, starting as soon as possible. * she said with a low and very frightening chuckle * Your foes, are my foes, and are they in for some trouble now. * Her mind at this point is not even filled with words. Her thoughts are instead images. Blood red flowing down like a river from her claws and the same sense of satisfaction a drug addict might get just before a hit. *

Zazozaliad: [Lee extends a hand to shake, face clouded with an expression nearly as dark as their eyes. “Splendid. Then, Feriana, welcome to The Court of Wrath and Thunder.”

If she takes the hand, she’ll feel an odd jolt – likely just her high energy, or imagined entirely.]

Angelis Black: * extends her paw and shakes Lee’s hand, feeling the jolt and letting out a soft moan. Her shake firm, not overly tight, not loose. A grin on her face all the while. * Thank you. I’m happy to join. * she said. She the sense of belonging to a group once more, a gang… she knows where she fits in now, and what the order is. Her goal, not aimless destruction, but now she was an aimed gun. Their aimed gun. If they pull the trigger, she will kill for them. *

Zazozaliad: Add Summer to your court affiliation. 8)

anyway, that hand shake there put a pledge on you that basically temporarily made you a vassal of grandfather thunder (for a week.) this basically means you’re in a very light form of alliance with the summer court until they formally induct you – you’re a member, but this is your trial run. lee here is vouching for you.

direct stats for the pledge are:
Task: Alliance -1
Boon: Vassalage +3
Sanction: Banishment -3
Duration +1: Week