Flowery hippie girl.


Character Sheet

Mien Appearance

Full Name: Helen Elise Fletcher
Assumed Name: None of as yet; still goes by her real first name
Gender: Female
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Birthday: June 16, 1956
Age: 51 years old (chronologically); 17-18 years old (physically)
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 120 pounds



Like her Kith’s appearance, Helen is a sweet, kind flower. Charity suits her to a tee for her virtue, willing to do anything to make somebody happy, though sometimes she takes this to a level of desperation. If left with nothing to do, she will go off on her own agenda, but normally she is extremely clingy to whomever she considers her “group”. She is also a pacifist and a hippie, and the closest she will come to fighting is defending herself or somebody else. She is strong-willed and will defend to the death the morals and standards she has developed from before and during her durance. Nobody’s upset her enough to set this off yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Before Durance

Part of the baby boomer generation, Helen was born to WWII veteran Glenn and housewife Sylvia Fletcher and was the middle child to older brother Craig and younger brother Johnny. Their family was a lower-middle class one, unable to afford the luxurious items many of them dreamed of. The best they had was a small black-and-white television the whole family would gather around like a campfire, and even then it wouldn’t work from time to time. Still, everybody got along without too much fighting, and their lives went on peacefully.

Until Craig, the older son, was drafted to fight in Vietnam.

Helen was very attached to her big brother, so it was tough for her to handle. Of course, with the rest of her family in the category of war hawks, the girl had no place of solace in her home. She instead found friends among the growing hippie subculture, increasingly hanging out with them and slowly assimilated into the fashion. To nobody’s surprise her parents were none too pleased, and fights started escalating among Helen and them, particularly her father. The ultimate conclusion was Helen running away from her home and moving in with her two best friends, Moonjava and Rufus.