??? "Blank"

Chibirusia's character.




True Name: ???

Aliases/Nicknames: Blank, Ken Doll

Personality (so far revealed): A hard to read wizened that doesn’t quite connect with the rest of his motley. He has a dry and cynical, if not a bit passive-agressive and antagonistic, sense of humor that he doesn’t discriminate with. However, he’s very cautious with his words, going out of his way to avoid verbal claims of commitment. He’s deeply drawn to trinkets, especially accessories that can be worn.

Backstory (so far revealed): Despite being very de-attached to his motley, he could be considered the one responsible for it’s original grouping. Somehow having a hedge-mount in the form of an old, rickety car, he had picked up what would become the original motley during the escape from Arcadia. Essentially making them all a bunch of hitch-hikers from his perspective.

Beyond that, what is known about “Blank” is little. He has been quiet-if not even avoiding the subject of himself. The nature of his durance, his past life, and even his true name currently remain unknown.

??? "Blank"

An Reworking Of The Default Setting Provided With The Game Product Chibirusia